What do I need to do to be fingerprinted for a job?
Does the City of Kannapolis have a residential or business alarm ordinance?
What are the procedures for filing a complaint with the Kannapolis Police Department?
How can I start a Community Watch Program in my neighborhood?
What is a business survey?
What is a home survey?
How can I contact the Kannapolis Police Department?
When should I call 9-1-1?
When NOT to call 9-1-1:
Dispatching Tips for Calling the Kannapolis Police Department 911 Center
What are the D.A.R.E and G.R.E.A.T programs?
How can I become a Kannapolis Police Officer?
How can I become a tele-communicator or other civilian employee with the Police Department?
Crime Prevention Tips
I am leaving to go on vacation, do you have some Crime Prevention Tips?
Additional Crime Prevention Tips
General Safety Practices Around the Home
Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens / At Home
Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens / While You are Out
I would like to report a crime anonymously, who do I call?
What is Project Safe Neighborhood?
What are the business hours of the Criminal Investigation Division?
Where is the Criminal Investigation Division located?
What documentation should I have when I want to file a report as a victim of financial card fraud / forgery and uttering?
What can I do if I am victimized as a result of communicating with the other involved party via internet?
Can I make an anonymous tip about criminal behavior or activity?
Can I receive a reward for providing information that solves a crime?
How do I know if someone has a warrant?
I received an email regarding a crime trend or from someone who is asking for money. How do I know if it is legitimate?
What do I do if I think my identity has been stolen?
I have spotted a suspicious person in my neighborhood/near my work, etc. How do I report this?
What is the investigative status of my crime report?
Are all crime reports investigated by a detective?
Will I be contacted by a detective?

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